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The Rotel Inn - 'The Sleeping Man' - is a 85 m long large sculpture in Passau directly by the Danube River and very close to the main station. 

Rotel Inn - The patented hotel
Rotel Inn comes from Rotel Tours. At the Rotel Inn, the idea of the Rotel Cabin is transferred to a hotel (=inn). The Rotel cabin becomes the Rotel room.


The Rotel Inn stands for a new overnight idea. Architect Hans Hoffer from Vienna who designed the building designed the building as a 'Sleeping Man'.

The Sleeping Man

'The Sleeping Man' lies directly by the river. He picks up elements of the water like the waves of the water surface, the ships and details like small boats. All public rooms including the hotel rooms are oriented to the river. 

Graffiti in the head of the 'Sleeping Man'
The head is the entrance to the building. It consists of two opposite 15 m high walls. There is a special topic shown on both walls: the technological and industrial race between Europe and the Far East.

In cooperation with Professor Kreutzer the drawings were made in 1993 by young artists of the European Graffiti Union / Munich.