The City of three Rivers

Passau is a lively city with atmosphere and a history of 2000 years that goes back to a settlement in roman times and even before. The past millennia have shaped this small but surprisingly cosmopolitan and culturally active city significantly, so that today the city can offer a diverse range of historical testimonials and sights from its historical past.

The harmonious mixture of old architecture and new ideas is what makes Passau so special. Whether contemplative and romantic, or vibrant and modern, Passau offers its guests just the right mix to discover Passau's charms. A wide range of renowned galleries and museums round off the entertainment variety.

Whether trade fair, Christmas market, festival weeks European weeks, political Ash Wednesday or Eulenspiegel old town festival, a visit to Passau is actually always worthwhile. It is not for nothing that Alexander von Humboldt titled Passau as one of the 7 most beautiful cities in the world.

Sankt Stephan cathedral and the largest church organ in the world

At the highest point in the old town is the magnificent St. Stephen's Cathedral in Passau, which celebrated its Baroque resurrection after the city fire in 1662 by famous Italian architects. The artistic stucco work and frescoes in the interior are particularly worth seeing. With almost 18,000 pipes, the cathedral has the largest cathedral organ in the world.
An organ concert is sure to be an incomparable, acoustic experience for you too!


Passau Glass Museum
The Glass Museum Passau is located at the end of the Glasstraße and houses the world's largest collection of glasses from Bavaria, the Czech Republic, Silesia and Austria. Over 30,000 exhibits provide a comprehensive overview of the different periods of glass art from 1680 to 1950. The focus is on the 19th century to Art Nouveau, the time when Bohemian glass art was in its heyday. The Glass Museum Passau is located together with the Hotel Wilder Mann in the 'Wilder Mann building complex'.

Veste upper house
History comes to life in a unique way in the 800-year-old Veste Oberhaus. With an area of 65,000 square meters, it is one of the largest preserved castle complexes in Europe. Experience exciting exhibitions in the Upper House Museum, which is housed in the walls of this magnificent European cultural monument, and let the unique atmosphere of the historic castle walls and defensive towers work their magic on you. Visit the Georg chapel in the heart of the castle with its wonderful Gothic frescoes and enjoy the unique view the confluence of the Donau, Inn and Ilz.

Headland - confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz

At the Dreiflüsseeck, the so-called peak, at the end of the romantic Inn promenade, you are in the middle of a unique natural spectacle - the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers.
You can also enjoy the fantastic view of Passau, the floating city, from the water and take a three-river tour with the excursion boats of the shipping company Wurm & Noé.

Large town hall
The representative baroque town hall halls with the colossal painting on the Nibelungenlied and the history of Passau by the history painter Ferdinand Wagner are worth a visit.

Roman Museum Boiotro Castle
Passau's town history dates back to a 3rd century Roman military camp. The uncovered foundations of the Roman fort are accessible to the public as a museum in the city center

These and other interesting sights are waiting for you.
We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful, interesting and young at heart three-river city!